About Us

In today's competitive marketplace, you just can't afford to settle when it comes to your business' performance. That's why it makes perfect dollars and sense to partner with Gem Oil Co for all your fueling needs.

At Gem Oil Co, we not only strive to meet your every request; but to exceed your every expectation. An industry leader for more than seven decades, we've built our success by fueling yours. But it's no wonder we've come so far. Quite simply, we deliver for our customers. Always have, always will. Not just petroleum products either, although we of course deliver millions of gallons of those per month...on-time, anywhere that's needed. We also deliver reliability, personal attention, and peace of mind. Valuable assets like these let our customers rest easy, knowing their specific requirements will always be met no matter how demanding.

To this day, our novel, steadfast philosophy has combined a winning formula of unsurpassed product expertise, marketing innovation, and commitment to the utmost in quality service. Yet while our fine reputation and continued growth are results of proven past experience, our vision extends beyond the current market and embraces the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

So whether it be servicing gasoline stations, construction sites, marinas, trucking companies, commercial accounts or government agencies, trust Gem Oil Company to fuel your business and expand your possibilities...both now and in the future.